Wednesday, December 2, 2009

They DO Exist!

One of the things I loved about design school was the freedom instructors gave to be as creative as possible without worrying about budgets or needing a client's approval. I do feel I was a bit duped though. I graduated expecting to get the go ahead on all my ideas, no matter how complicated or unnecessary they were in the grand scheme of things.

Not so much.

What I learned instead, was that paper is expensive. And printing, binding, di-cuts, belly bands (if you deigned), and tip-ons—are even more so. Details—those pretty little, smart little, awesome little add-ons that make everything better—get tossed. And you are often left with a very pared down, barely recognizable version of that initial fabulous idea that drove you to design in the first place.

That said, I couldn't have been more elated to get this birthday card in the mail from Anthropologie. This beautiful little hand assembled piece not only serves to wish me the happiest birthday ever, but it's a coupon for 15% off AND that sweet little candle thingy....a necklace. Now that's smart.

So kudos to you Anthropologie and all you grand companies out there that get it right. Thank you for taking the time and effort (and money) to do your job with excellence. I will be seeing you soon!