Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

The end of summer for our family, marks not only the end to the vicious heat and humidity of the south and the beginning of the beautiful fall season with all it's colors, football games and holidays-but the beginning of another season, birthday season. We are inundated with birthdays in September (little B's being one of them!), and they continue on strong through the beginning of January.

Birthdays were not a huge deal for our family growing up. My birthday is near Christmas, so naturally it took a backseat to Jesus' birthday. Often my birthday cake was some sort of holiday themed confection or leftover baklava we had given as teacher gifts that year. So it's not a huge surprise that I have fallen in love with baking and have the most fun planning birthday parties. Rest assured, there will be no baklava served at our house when your day rolls around. We are celebrating life and it's going to be a bash!

So you must check out Scissors. Paper. Cake. An Aussie company (no I don't play favorites), that works together on the Paper side and the Sweet side. I'm plugging in photos from their party theme "Little Red Car." They are marvelous!

Photos from Scissors.Paper.Cake

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Above images from Martha Stewart

When my only question for my doctor this month was "is it safe to polish silver?" I knew nesting was truly in full swing. I actually have a hard time not nesting when I visit Martha's website for inspiration. Still with B's big boy room on the brain I felt utterly speechless at the images of Dwell Studio partner Jennifer Chused's playroom for her son.

How spectacular are those airplanes?! I would love to find the book that they came from. However, with a little (OK alot!) of research I was able to track down some similar vintage prints for B's room from Blasts from the Past on Etsy. I think with some nice white mattes and frames they will be perfect against his Chambray Blue Walls.