Friday, July 23, 2010

All Grown Up

It's been over a month since my last attempt at a blog post. I have been completely incapable of multitasking, sketching ideas, and even designing. I am totally consumed with the fact that we have a little one coming in November. It's not even the impending new person that has me so distracted—it's the idea of moving (convincing) my little boy out of his sweet nursery into a big boy room.

I must say, that creating a space for someone whose little personality you are so familiar with, is a total blast. Designing the nursery was fun, but it always felt a bit surreal. B seemed like just an idea then—now he's someone with a quirky sense of humor who loves people ... and firetrucks.

So every ounce of creative energy has been poured into creating this space. And like most designers—I'm a perfectionist. I also (to quote my sister) "research everything to the point of ridiculousness." So spare time is spent scouring local stores, antique markets, blogs and online shops to find the perfect bed (which I did, though I'm wincing at the price and now researching the perfect bed at the perfect price), the perfect wall color, art, toy containers, and bedding. And I feel like I am actually close. Now we just need to implement it. But like all design, that's kind of the easy part. Concepting and research is what takes all the time.

So you'll have to excuse my absence from blogging and creating new work. And Minted—I miss you! I promise to keep you updated on all my findings. The perfect big boy room is out there—I'm on a mission to find it.